Trademark Policy

Last Updated: March 2020

  1. General
    All trademarks, logos, service marks, trade dress, slogans, copyrighted designs, or other brand features of CodeFuel’s sister brand ‘Trovi’, including, without limitation, the name ‘Trovi’ (collectively, the ‘Brand Features’), will be used only as explicitly licensed by CodeFuel under this trademark policy (‘Policy’). Please note that the name ‘CodeFuel’ and any trademarks, logos, service marks, trade dress, slogans, copyrighted designs, or other brand features associated with the CodeFuel name or brand, excluding the Brand Features (the ‘Excluded Brand Features’), are explicitly excluded from this Policy and may not be used, displayed, or referenced in any way whatsoever without CodeFuel’s express prior written consent. As CodeFuel registers or uses other trademarks, it will update this Policy.
  2. Approval
    Certain usages of the Brand Features are permissible without the need to obtain specific approval from us. You may use the Brand Features only if you comply with the requirements set forth below:
    1. You are a CodeFuel publisher and you are using the Brand Features solely on your website(s) in order to: (i) promote the use of your toolbar or other CodeFuel product or service, and/or (ii) refer to Trovi or Trovi’s website only; and provided that you use language identical or similar to the language issued by CodeFuel in such promotional materials as those available in your CodeFuel toolbar account;
    2. You are using the Brand Features as part of an impartial internal review of CodeFuel’s products, services, or strategic partnerships. Using the Brand Features under any circumstances other than those specifically permitted above requires explicit written permission from CodeFuel. Nothing herein shall confer or vest in you any right of ownership in any of the Brand Features. If you are seeking permission to use any of the Brand Features, please contact
  3. Appearance of Logos
    You will ensure that the presentation of the Brand Features will be consistent with CodeFuel’s own use of the Brand Features in comparable media. From time to time, CodeFuel may provide you with written guidelines as to the size, typeface, colors, and other graphical characteristics of the Brand Features. Upon delivery to you, the guidelines shall be deemed to be incorporated into this Policy.
  4. Notices
    When used, all trademarks and service marks included in the Brand Features will be designated with ‘™’ or ‘®’, in the manner directed by CodeFuel.
  5. Restrictions upon Use

    The Brand Features will not be presented or used: (i) in a manner that suggests that editorial content has been authored by, or represents the views or opinions of, CodeFuel or any CodeFuel personnel or affiliate; (ii) in a manner that is misleading, defamatory, libelous, obscene, infringing, or otherwise objectionable; (iii) in connection with any material that infringes the trademark, copyright, or any other rights of any third party; (iv) as part of a name of a product or service of a company other than CodeFuel; or (v) in a manner that infringes, derogates, dilutes, or impairs the rights of CodeFuel in the Brand Features.

    You agree that you shall not: (i) do anything that will in any way impair or invade CodeFuel’s complete ownership and control of its Brand Features or the Excluded Brand Features; (ii) use the Brand Features to indicate or imply in any way that you are part of CodeFuel or that CodeFuel has any ownership interest in you; (iii) use any Brand Feature, or variation of it, in your legal or business name or domain name, nor register any Brand Feature, nor any portion or variation it, as a business name, trade name, commercial name, trademark, or service mark; and (iv) make any use of or reference to, or display the Excluded Brand Features in any way whatsoever without CodeFuel’s express prior written consent.

    CodeFuel shall have complete discretion to evaluate your use and to decide whether that use violates any of the foregoing restrictions.

  6. Use for CodeFuel’s Benefit
    Any use of the Brand Features, and any goodwill therefrom, shall inure to the benefit of CodeFuel.
  7. Nonexclusive Remedy
    You will make any changes to your use of the Brand Features as requested by CodeFuel. This remedy is in addition to any other legal remedies to which CodeFuel may be entitled, in relation to your use of the Brand Features.

Last updated: June 6, 2014.